Our first flower bed!

We've been living here almost 6 years, but haven't gotten around to doing a flower bed until now! We bought some supplies from Lowes, tilled up the flower bed and wa la. The boys got involved and we're excited to see how it does. We pretty much picked out random flowers that we thought would look good.

Though we topped it with soil and mulch, we're still looking for ways to decorate the outside and around it. I was thinking maybe some lights, and rocks along the outside. The best part was the fact that I found doing this such a great stress relief.  Suffering from anxiety and depression, it is always great to find activities that feel therapeutic. 

Rainy Friday!

Rain rain go away, come back another day! Grayson and I are having a lazy Friday and there's nothing more fun for a toddler than to watch the rain. It is so amazing to see kids be fascinated by the smallest things. We actually had a couple tornado warnings, but our house area didn't really get hit bad.

Here are a few snaps of him enjoying the rain view! He gets thrill out of watching the cars try to drive in the huge puddles as well, because the neighborhoods around here flood so quickly.

Strawberry picking 2017!

We went strawberry picking this past weekend! This is such a fun activity with the kids that we do as a tradition each year.  This year we went to Cullipher Farm, they had a great selection and adorable play place. The large buckets were $14, small basket $7 and play area was $5 for 3 and up. The boys had a blast, so it was money well spent. I think this is our new go to spot, there were so many great berries available for picking. The owners are really nice also, and we got to enjoy a tractor ride (which both boys couldn't stop talking about).

Once we get home we always try to find new recipes to try with all these strawberries we have to eat before they go bad.  Everyone in our family is a huge fan of fruits so they don't last anyways!  We always try to go strawberry picking before the strawberry festival comes in town, because by then the fields usually are dried up!

Happy Easter 2017!

You know you're a mom when....

your phone gallery looks like THIS:

Can you see how he entertained himself at the doctors today?

Egg Coloring!

Easter is almost here! We love to dye our eggs, it's one of the kids favorite things to do. We used a whisking tool to make it easier for Grayson to do the coloring without breaking the egg.  I found this trick on either Facebook or Pinterest and it worked like a charm, but in the end he just ended up dipping it after awhile. Here are some cute pictures of them having fun!

Part our tradition is coloring eggs, doing egg hunts, and other related activities. They even had story time the other day with live bunnies.

Back To The Roots mushroom mini farm

The kiddos are LOVING this Back To The Roots mushroom mini farm that Paul picked up from Home Depot a week or so ago. This is our results as of 6 days, so we still have a few more days. It is amazing to watch it grow so quickly. We have it sitting on the counter near a back window so that it gets light.

The boys wake up every morning and check on the mushroom farm. I highly doubt they will actually eat them, but it is definitely cool to expose them to any aspects of gardening. They like to watch their food grow. Plus we love that they are all organic!