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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happiness is...

two adorable baby feet!

And the snow continues..

Snow day here we go again! It seems as if we can't catch a break the snow coming in. Not that it is even much but our city never prepares or handles it well because we don't get it often enough. Schools shut down pretty quickly with barely anything on the ground; which I guess is a great thing seeing how bad drivers tend to be during the snow.

 We spent the day building a fort (OK, that was Paul), snowman, snowball fight and just letting our toddler be a kid. I don't remember being this cold and over it when I was a kid. Though I believe snow will never lose it's magic factor and seeing our toddler get so excited is awesome enough. The snow is fun for a day or two...but I'm ready for spring!

My February Wantable collection reveal!

Wantable's accessory collection does it again! I am absolutely in love with February's collection. They were perfectly picked and match my personality to a T. This is my second collection I've received in the mail, and I'm very impressed. The pieces are quality, stylish and make any simple outfit chic. It seems as if it would be tough to pick out the best pieces for a random person, mostly based on what you provide in telling them your likes and dislikes. It seems as if Wantable has it all figured out. The collections are $40 per month and you can choose from different categories. I'm in love with this collection and wore my pieces right away!

Wantable makes it easy, they do all the hard work of shopping and shipping it straight to your front door. Great for fashionistas, busy moms, and women who love receiving gorgeous pieces at their doorstep. ;)

 Click here to sign up. You can always try one month, and cancel whenever you feel like it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Snow day

 Oh boy! Just when our snow started melting, we just had  to have more. I do enjoy snow but other than our toddler we are about over it. Can we bring on summer now? I need a hot beach day.

C'mon Elsa, you've given us enough snow;)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How cuddling with a four month old looks..

Who doesn't love cuddling? I do! My two boys are very cuddly and I love every moment. But sometimes, especially with Grayson being only four months old; this is how cuddling really looks.
Pulled hair, and eating my face. Lovely, right? I love every second!