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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beetle the seal's release

Our local Virginia Beach Aquarium recently released a seal named Beetle back into the wild after rehabilitating him & riding the seal of infection. The event was made public so of course I took my kids to watch! We are aquarium members, and it's actually one of my son's favorite places to go; so once I heard I made plans to go.
Although it was super hot at just ten am, the wait and heat was well worth it. It was heartwarming to witness a seal go back into their natural habitat. Beetle adorably went into the water, back out and then back in for a final goodbye.

The seal which I managed to get a few pictures of, is tracked and I can't wait to show my toddler where Beetle has gone. Definitely an adventure and leanring experience for Brody.

DIY Father's Day photos

This past weekend I did some Father's day mini sessions and decided this week to do my boy's photos. I love the simple and cuteness of the photos.I took letters from a craft store as well as a chalkboard ($1!!) and used them to create cute photos for daddy. I loved photographing the boys for Paul & Brody's smile says it all about how much he loves daddy.

I plan on printing and framing them. Unfortunately daddy spoiled the surprise (he knows me TOO well) haha but he doesn't get them framed until father's day ;)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Babies just wanna have fun..

I know they say don't play with your food....but with this level of cuteness who cares!? I just had to share these fun photos of Grayson going to town with his organic Stonyfield yogurt. We're so thankful it's been gorgeous out, so an opportunity to take the food and mess outside was definitely one we took advantage of. Not only that it's important and great for babies to explore with their food.

 Can you see how much fun he is having!?! The peach flavor is his absolute favorite.

Dry Shampoo; my new favorite.

I've been wanting to try dry shampoo for a while now, not sure why but I never got around to it. Maybe I was skeptical? I was happily surprised when a can of Batiste fruity & cheeky cherry dry shampoo showed up in my Popsugar Must Have Box for May! Today I decided to give it a try. Its meant as a hair refresher in between hair washings. I sprayed it into my hair post workout (aka full on sweaty, frizzy hair!!)and it made my hair look a hundred times better ; plus it smelled pretty.

 As a mom of two young boys, I simply don't have the time some days to spend washing my hair, drying it forever (long, thick hair) AND straightening it. With dry shampoo it cut my getting ready time into half. I simply applied it straightened my hair and I was ready for the day. I will definitely be keeping this dry shampoo close to me at all times, I simply love it!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Strawberry picking

Every year we go strawberry picking and it's such a fun time. Last year we discovered an organic strawberry farm; it's expensive but the only one around here. Thank goodness though! Brody is such a little farm boy, I wish we lived in the country. 

Strawberry picking is such a fun family activity or with friends.

This year we've gone as a family, with a friend, and as a mommy/son day! At the rate our toddler eats them -- we will be back at it again this week. We love choosing local & organic!