Check out the fun family craft we did!

So today we were feeling a little crafty. I have been interested in doing this for a little while now, and today we finally had the time to try it.  This was a very easy, fun, inexpensive project to do. Our family is very much a lover of the water & beach so we chose to do little sea creatures.

Blank Canvas {$10 for 2} - can be bought at Wal-Mart, craft stores etc.
Crayola Finger paint ($5 I think?} - this stuff is everywhere, we bought it at K-Mart
Eye balls - $0.99 at Wal-Mart in the crafts section
Paint brushes - We got a pack of 25 from A.C. Moore for about $2

We first painted the blank canvas{with a sponge brush} the color blue to represent the ocean of course. You notice we didn't take up the entire canvas or make it look professional; that is the whole point & look of the project.

After that dried {took only a few minutes} we dipped Brody's hand into the red paint and created a crab out of two prints of his.  Next we added the two eyes. The green hand prints are mine and it is a jelly fish! And last but not least we added Paul's hand print to create a yellow fish.  We added eyes to both of our animals as well.

This was such a fun craft to do as a family! The canvas is going to go up in Brody's playroom {his theme is the ocean -- how perfect!} and will be fun to look back on. Now to think of what we are going to do with the other blank canvas we have. :)