10 date night ideas!

Date nights are essential to any relationship, especially when you have a child. But doing the same thing ever date night can get boring & routine. Here are a list of 10 fun date night ideas to try with the one you love! The best date nights don't need to cost a lot of money or even be outside your home to be fun.

1. Try a new sport together. Maybe it is a sport that one of you has tried, but not the other...or a sport that neither of you have tried. What better way to take a dip than to do it together? From snowboarding, rock climbing, and lots more the choices are there. This would definitely make for a fun date night.

2. Go bowling! You've never too old to go bowling, and this is always a game of fun. To make things even more interesting have a "prize" for the person with the top score. Or get silly, make one game thrown "grandma-style" only, etc.

3. Try a new restaurant. You never know until you try it! That is probably a phrase you use on your children, but this time take your own advice. Choose a restaurant that both of you have never tried before, and see where that leads you!

4. Spa night. This is great for when the kids are all tucked in for the night, and it is relaxation time. From massages, to a hot bath, bubble bath -- this de-stressing date night is sure to end well. Want to really feel like you're at a spa? Buy a comfortable white robe for the two of you to wear, and reserve it for spa nights only.

5. Go biking! Not only is it good exercise, it is also a great way to relief stress and enjoy a night stroll with your hubby. You two can enjoy the bike ride while checking out the scenery+ having a nice talk about your day, etc.

6. Go for a picnic. This is probably more of a daytime outing {obviously} but a great idea anyways. Pack a nice little lunch for the two of you, some drinks, a blanket and a quiet spot.

7.  Rent a paddle boat. This is great to do for an hour or two. If you find a place that is open late, you two can enjoy watching the sunset while being on the water. Bring some bread to feed the turtles & just enjoy yourselves!

8.  Movie night in. I'm thinking lights out, candles on, hot popcorn, and couch cuddling! Simple nights like these are romantic, and great to spend together in the comfort of your own home.

9. Star gazing. Another great at home date night! I love doing this both in the summer and in the cooler weather too! Bring a blanket in your backyard, and cuddle up to the beautiful sight of the stars in the sky.

10. Make a new dish. Find a completely NEW recipe, go to the grocery store and cook it together. Then proceed to enjoy your delicious new dish under a candle light :). If your dish is good enough, then add it into your recipe book.