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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fun toilet paper roll DIY stamp craft!

This is an awesome craft that is easy to do, keeps toddlers entertained for a few minutes and doesn't take a lot of supplies or craftiness to make. With an empty toilet paper roll, you can create a heart shaped stamp which transfers perfectly with paint onto paper. To create this easy heart, you take the empty toilet paper roll and press down onto the middle to make a crease, afterwards dip the heart end into paint and wa-la.

You can use any color you want, really. But we chose to do red because well hearts are traditionally red or pink. These awesome heart stamps would make a wonderful Valentine's Day cards for any mom/dad or even grandparents. Other than that it is just plain fun to do on days when you're feel crafty. I did end up with a huge mess to clean up, but it was a lot of fun and well worth the clean-up.

 We also liked to use the roll to color the hearts with a paintbrush. We placed the heart shaped toilet paper roll side onto the paper, left it there and colored the heart in. The toilet paper roll helped a lot with coloring inside the lines.

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