Review: Itzy Ritzy resuable snack bags!

I recently ordered a two pack of mini reusable snack bags from Itzy Ritzy and have fallen in love with them. Our son is 14 months old, and is a huge snacker so we are constantly needing something to store his snacks in.  We've tried plastic ware, plastic bags, etc but they either seem to get lost or thrown away. I really love these mini snack bags from Itzy Ritzy because they are quality material, washable, and waterproof.

From fruit, goldfish, chips, and more these awesome snack bags can endure the hands of your toddler and be res-used while being machine washable. How can you beat that? I also adore that the bags are MADE in the USA! I'm a huge lover of buying products that are made in our country. They have fun designs such as whales, monkeys, flowers, baseball & more -- pretty much have a design for every kid out there. These bags are definitely as must have with us both around the house and on the go. Plus, Brody loves walking around carrying his little snack baggies!