My Subway catered holiday party!

Last week a friend of mine and I hosted a holiday party at her house, for the kids and their parents. We had a blast, and so did everyone that attended. Aside from the fun games, crafts, music, and more -- the food was a huge hit. We ordered two dozen assorted cookies, and a 3 foot turkey sub with green bell peppers, onions, plus cheese from Subway. They also included napkins, silverware {big help from not having to do dishes}, condiments {mustard, vinaigrette, etc}. The kids were in awe of how big the sandwich was, and by the time the night was done there were absolutely no leftovers. I'm a huge fan of Subway, and when we have "lazy" dinners this is my go-to place; or when I do decide to eat fast food I often choose Subway.

When it comes to cookies {other than homemade} Subway absolutely has my favorite. It is an understatement to say that I am addicted to their chocolate chip cookies! The kids of course enjoyed the cookies, and they were practically gone in 10 minutes. Cookie monsters, much?

We picked up our order and it was ready right on time. I enjoyed the confirmation email before pick-up, as well as the email the following day asking how the catering event went; it was nice to see that communication in a company.  Ordering online was simple, and everything in the order was correct. I actually forgot to add a topping, and with the click of an email it was resolved.  The turkey sub was tightly wrapped, and tasted fresh from the store when we did open it. The only thing I would recommend is getting it pre-cut, we opted out of this and I wish that we had gotten it cut!

Below I've decided to share a few fun pictures from the party! Thankfully we had a great turn-out, and I'm so glad we chose to cater with Subway. The positive experience definitely has them as my number one choice when it comes to planning my next event!

*Note: I did receive a $100 Subway gift card. As always all opinions and experiences are truthful, and 100% my own.