DIY: Snow in a box!

Yesterday we got a few inches of snow, and it was pure excitement! Our area doesn't usually see snow but when we do, even a few inches is enough to be happy about. This is Brody's second snow but last year he was a baby when it happened so I am quite sure that he doesn't remember it. We took him into the snow for a little bit, he loved it and didn't want to come back in. However, it is very cold out so I decided to fill up a little toy bin of his with snow and bring it indoors, and lay it on top of a blanket of his.

The snow didn't melt, and actually got hard enough to make little snowmen. We did switch the snow out after about 15 minutes or so once it got too hard. He really enjoyed this activity, and was extremely concentrated on digging the snow out of the green bin into the heart shaped bowl. Paul and I put his dinosaur gloves on, a pair of socks and he went nuts. He was so concentrated and into the fun that he wouldn't even answer to his name [which he always does, especially when his daddy is calling him :)].

This is such a fun activity for both kids young and old, when it is snowing outside but too cold to play in out in the snow. It is just as fun, if not more because the kids won't be freezing their little tushes off as they enjoy the play. The clean-up wasn't bad at all, all it took was a dump of the snow outside ;).