UPS My Choice: free & easy to use.

If you haven't joined UPS My Choice yet, what are you waiting for? I've been a member for over a year, and have to say this is best package delivery service out there AND it is free to use. With UPS My Choice you can sign up to receive  text, voice or email alerts one day before your package is scheduled to be delivered.

With that feature you can re-route, reschedule, or authorize a shipment release -- all with the click of a mouse. These features are great for making sure your package is delivered where you want it to be, or on a day then you know you will be home. I receive email alerts when I am expecting a package, and it is really convenient to know when to expect a package. Even when companies don't directly notify you of the shipment, UPS My Choice automatically does it for you -- this way you will never miss a package, and you'll have confirmation.

The basic features are completely free! Click here to sign up for your account.