Strawberry picking: fun, and great way to support the locals.

It's that time of year again -- the local farms have opened for strawberry picking. This is one my favorite times of year, and one of the best things about spring. We always make plans every year to go strawberry picking, just a tradition of ours that we love to do. The weather has been less than perfect lately, but with a bit of a warm up today with the sun shining, it was absolutely the perfect day to go strawberry picking.

At only $1.80 a pound we got better-tasting, sweeter, and more fresh strawberries than the ones available at the grocery store. Not to mention we like to support the locals& their businesses. Brody really had a blast picking the strawberries and being the one to carry his bucket around. He proudly chose some delicious looking strawberries. Though it took him a few times to understand that you can't squeeze them otherwise you create a bit of a sticky mess!

Overall it was a beautiful day, and great way to see his face light up with joy! This is only our first trip of strawberry picking this year, we are going to definitely go back and get more. Between Brody, Paul, and myself we've already eaten most of the strawberries we bought. We are definitely huge fans of strawberries!