Working out while pregnant!

Working out is great for you in addition to eating healthy, there are so many benefits whether you are pregnant or not. I'm happy to say that I have been keeping up with my working out (I started up again once my morning sickness eased off -- It made it hard to eat).  I usually workout Monday - Saturday and use Sunday as a rest day. With my first pregnancy I did NOT workout, but since I had my son I have been into working out and got the okay to continue to do so from my doctor.

Working out while pregnant doesn't have to be done at a gym, cost a lot of money, or take up all your time. I have actually found success with pregnancy workout videos found on Youtube. They are free, effective, and sure to get you feeling good! I don't like the workouts where you feel like you are dancing around and awkward, the ones I find are ones that will definitely work up a sweat (in a safe way), and keep you energized throughout your trimesters.

Here are some great videos that I personally use when working out, I can't list them all but I will share a few great ones. For the 10 minute videos, I always do at least three total! Working out while pregnant is said to ease back pain, help during labor, and of course help in your recovery.

Check out a few great workouts after the jump; and remember always listen to your body!