Review: Comforts for Toddler potty training essentials

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Comforts for Baby brand (Kroger store brand), we used their products all the time when Brody was a baby! Now that we are expecting another baby in Sept we will be using them yet again. For now we are enjoying the Comforts for Toddler training pants plus toddler wipes for potty training made easy for our son and our wallets.

Comforts for Toddler have made the ultimate training pants; featuring leak guards, breathable easy to open stretchy sides and absorption for both day and night. The training pants while comfortable are made to feel like underwear, to make the process of potty training easier. You'll know if your child has an accident with their feature of fading graphics when wet.

With another baby on the way we are happy to see that our son is potty trained. Comforts for Toddler training pants are easy for your toddler to pull up and down on their own, but the sides are also conveniently made to pull apart. Not to mention the adorable designs for both boys and girls to engage and get your child excited abut potty training.

The best product to go with your Comforts for Toddler training pants would have to be their flush-able toilet wipes especially made for potty training. These wipes have been a life saver for our potty training journey! They're soft, lightly scented, and perfect on our toddler's sensitive skin. Plus to my plumber's joy they are completely flush-able as advertised. We find the wipes to be crucial in keeping our son clean after doing his potty duties. Best part is little man can use them himself and this makes him proud. (Of course mommy always does a double take)

Potty training can be stressful, and crazy but with the right products you can feel confident as well as your child in mastering potty training.Thank you Comforts for Toddler for making potty training a breeze!

**Disclaimer; I was provided with Comforts for Toddler products for review. However, I was already a current customer of the brand and all thoughts, opinions are my own and 100% honest. I received no compensation for my review.