Review: WORLDFOODS marinades and sauces

I love trying new foods, and thanks to Moms Meet I got the chance to try out WORLDFOODS sauces and marinadesWORLDFOODS only uses authentic herbs and spices along with 100% natural, fresh ingredients to create each of its unique flavors. For over twenty years they’ve been developing recipes using  natural ingredients. Each of their sauces is crafted by a team of master chefs, nutritionists, market researchers, food tasters, and everyday ordinary users to find the perfect balance of quality and flavor.

The sauces offer a great, simple and quick way to add variety to dinner time. The prices vary by retail location, you can go here to locate their products as well as print a coupon.

The brand currently makes 65 different sauces, dips, and marinades all of which are inspired by the tastes of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, and India. It's like bringing a taste of culture to your dinner/lunch plate.  These sauces are perfect for those with certain diet restraints, each of WORLDFOODS' products are both allergen and gluten free! You'll also be happy to know they're free of added oil, trans fat, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or food flavor enhancers.

One of our favorites was the red curry sauce used to marinate chicken, we added in rice with veggies as well as whole wheat bread. The flavor was unbelievable, and it was great to know there was nothing artificial about it. Paul complimented my cooking the first night we tried WORLDFOODS sauce, little did he know how easy their tasty sauce made cooking dinner. ;)

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meets blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.