3 things I love about having two boys!

Of course, whether they were two girls I'd love them the same, but I really am glad to have two healthy kids. Crazy comes with having a kid, especially more than one- obviously very worth it and such a blessing to have a family.

1. Hand me down galore - Umm, yes. Every piece of clothing the older one outgrows, the baby gets to have. Toys never really get thrown out either! Plus whatever toy the baby gets, big brother loves.

2. There's something about brotherly love - The two of them are crazy together, sometimes fight (which will get worse, I suppose) but at the end of the night the sweet brotherly love is enough to make you melt. Infact every morning little brother smiles his face off when he gets to cuddle big brother; it's our routine.

3. I'm outnumbered. - Yup, other than our dog...we are a house of all boys-- even the cat. I love it,  I don't think I could imagine a mini me, one of me is more than enough!!