Warm in weather December = outdoors water play, WHAT?!

So the weather this year is way off, but we are not complaining (yet). It isn't here to stay so we took advantage of it today.  The hose in our backyard has warm water as well (perks of dating a plumber lol) so the boys had fun in the dirt, water, and a homemade "Water Slide" out back as well. Here are some pictures from our fun.

This is definitely a funky feeling having such oddly warm weather at this time of the year. Though I didn't really like having to turn the a/c on -- I really didn't mind a few days of this nice weather. I am over it and completely ready for winter now though.

And the best part was the boys taking a WARM bubble bath OUTSIDE!! Their faces were priceless, they truly had a great time. I'd say it was a great way to spend a Sunday with the family.  How adorable are these two? I totally want to print out these pictures and frame them for the bathroom!!