DIY Valentine's photo!!

In between my one year old knocking everything down, crushing goldfish into the floor and pressing all the keys on my laptop....I managed to snap this ADORABLE photo of my four year old. This is a simple DIY Valentine's Day photo idea. Cute little setup, low cost and done right in the comfort of your own home.

I used glittered hearts, xoxo balloon, a mini pink heart pillow ($20 total at Target), Two heart cups, red rose pedals, and a heart basket (78 cents each at a thrift store), Pink rose pedals $1, Lip decor $1 and a LOVE basket for $3 at Dollar General. And the I'm Yours pillow was $1 at Kroger.

So in total -- rounded up to about $29. Not bad. I am re-using these for photography sessions, and they make for great home decor. Definitely makes you get your money out of it.

I simply set this up into a open closet in the boy's room which has white walls. I did the pictures around noon when there was a nice light shining in. Simple sometimes works out great, now to do little brother's picture. (He is trickier to get to sit still, bahha.)