REVIEW: KABRITA Goat Milk formula & yogurt pouches!

Thanks to MomsMeet we recently got the opportunity to try out Kabrita's goat milk formula and yogurt pouches. Big brother Brody loves to mix the formula for his little brother; it makes a great alternative to dairy. While my boys don't have a dairy sensitivity, my youngest, Grayson doesn't usually care for the taste of dairy milk. Kabrita has a very mild smell / taste to it, definitely different than dairy milk but it is a lot more gentle on the digestive system.

Some things we really love about Kabrita's goat milk:
  • It's non-GMO
  • They've enhanced it with 22 vitamins & minerals
  • Free from antibiotics, artificial colors/flavors, growth hormones, 
  • Their goats are raised on family farms, with fresh grass always available for grazing
Kabrita's goat milk is enhanced with DHA which is a must have for a child's vision / cognitive developments. This is naturally found in breast milk, but as a toddler gets older the goat milk is a great source of it as well.

We also tested Kabrita's yogurt pouches! These are great for on the go for the park, the zoo, the beach, etc. Their goat milk yogurt pouches are all natural, and come in three different flavors. Banana & vanilla bean was a favorite of the boys. It didn't last long around here. We found that the pouches are also a great source of protein, which some days my boys don't get enough (they'd rather PLAY than eat) so this is a great way to sneak more nutrition in!

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